1. SJ Morris
    SJ Morris was born in Anchorage Alaska on Elmendorf Airforce Base, but now resides in Bordentown New Jersey, with her husband of fourteen years and their two children. SJ Morris has written short stories for as long as she can remember and is known as a masterful storyteller by her family and friends. When she isn't writing, SJ Morris enjoys spending time with her family, their pets, hitting the gym, and whenever possible lounging on the beach immersed in a good book. SJ Morris is the owner and founder of Forever Morris Publishing, LLC.
  2. Logan J. Hannen
    Logan J. Hannen resides in the beautiful state of New Jersey. Logan is a novelist, journalist, and self-described 'semi-vintage' punk rocker at heart. He strives to create the same sense of urgent honesty in both his prose and his nonfiction work that his punk rock icons (everyone from Joe Strummer to Gerard Way) did before him. Logan is also the Head of Written Content for Theo & Harris, an online-based vintage watch retailer intent on changing the way young people engage with time. When doing none of the above, he is most likely at the gym, a new habit, but one that is helping to ensure he is around to pester, provoke, and otherwise stir the pot for many, many years to come.
  3. E.L. Giles
    E.L. Giles was born in the elegant French Canadian Province of Quebec, Canada and happily, resides there with his girlfriend and two children. He is a passionate musician and writer with a love of cinema and any new challenging project he can get his hands on. When he isn't writing, E.L. Giles enjoys hopping in the car with his family and no particular destination in mind, camping or anything that allows him to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes Canada has to offer.
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  1. Malcolm Omega
    Born in 1990, Malcolm Omega began writing stories at nine years old. As he reached his teenage years, he relied more on his imagination as he recovered from back surgeries. At 18, after three back surgeries, the ExtraVerse was born. Times where he could not be mobile, he thought of the impossible worlds all connected through the power of his imagination. The characters and story for “Exception” finally reached fruition in 2013, after his fifth back surgery. Now, at 28, Malcolm spends his free time roaming the ExtraVerse for new adventures, with his family and loved ones, enjoying video games, puzzles, and bass guitar.
  2. Drew Schroeder
    From Chicago, IL. Drew grew up on the Northwest side of the city. He has been writing since he was a kid and he reads voraciously. Drew believes writing is one of the most therapeutic things a person can do that can drive them thoroughly mad, which is precisely why he loves it!
  3. Nikki Poling
    Nikki Poling believes in faeries and magic. She grew up in Keyport, New Jersey. She currently lives in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Nikki loves to tell stories to her niece and nephew and her friend's children. In her spare time, she likes to read, attend concerts, take walks, and hang out with her cat, Goblin.
  1. Chanel Ivy
    Chanel Ivy is an incredibly secretive woman who loves to share her erotic fantasies with others, but not much else.  Chanel Ivy is a fresh new author on the romance scene specializing in erotica of all types. If you are looking for some good clean imaginative fun, then Chanel is your author of choice. Chanel's motto is, "If you could hear my thoughts, you'd be sexually aroused, traumatized or both." Chanel Ivy's debut novel, Her Hostile Takeover, was released August 2019. *Warning: Chanel Ivy's writing contains graphic language and sexual content.
  2. O.M. Faust
    Born in 1990, O. M. Faust has had a fascination with science fiction since he first saw “The Empire Strikes Back” at six years old. The fascination grew larger as his love for writing developed in his early teen years. What really drove Faust to write was Joss Whedon’s “Firefly,” and he hasn’t stopped writing since. Though happy with his chosen genre, he felt it was missing something, like a spark or sizzle. He took a chance on adding some drama and romance into his passion, and the ideas soared. Now in 2019, at 29, Faust spends his free time with his loved ones and on his laptop, creating new worlds, new romances, and sizzling scenes.