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Drew Schroeder

Drew Schroeder has been in love with writing since the 4th grade. He started out writing poems because they helped him pass the time during classes, but when people read his work, they often told him how much they enjoyed it, so he began to write for his school's literary magazine. Eventually, the poetry evolved into short stories which were much more challenging, fun, and rewarding. Drew has always loved reading and aspired to one day have a book he had written himself available for everyone to enjoy.​​

Originally Drew wrote romantic poems then when he started writing fiction, the romantic aspects just kind of came naturally to his writing style. He initially did not intend for his first novel to be a romantic one, but his debut novel, Taking Chances, just happened to turn out that way.

In high school Drew wrote a poem for a classmate who passed away. Someone had laminated the poem and put it next to his friend's name in the mausoleum. His classmate's family expressed how beautiful they found the poem to be, and how much it meant to them. Ever since that moment, Drew knew his writing could have a positive effect on people, and he became even more passionate about writing professionally.

Drew went to Catholic school until college where he started at Arizona State University as a business major and ended up graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in English.

Drew is a huge Chicago Cubs fan, and he himself has been playing baseball since he was three. He currently lives on the northwest side of Chicago which naturally makes him a Chicago Blackhawks fan and somehow in the mix he decided that he was also a Boston Red Sox fan. When not writing or enjoying sports, Drew also practices Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. 


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