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Logan J. Hannen

Logan J. Hannen has been writing fiction since he was in third grade. This is when the utter compulsion to scribble about people that didn’t yet exist started. This compulsion has haunted him ever since. Logan began writing properly in fifth grade after he read The Da Vinci Code (He was, as you can tell, obviously the popular kid), and Logan latched onto the idea of doing everything possible to keep people compelled enough to say "just one more page" after every single page. Logan knew from that moment that was something he desperately wanted to do, and he never stopped telling stories, even when he wasn't writing.​​​

Logan J. Hannen resides in the beautiful state of New Jersey. Logan is a novelist, journalist, and self-described 'semi-vintage' punk rocker at heart. He strives to create the same sense of urgent honesty in both his prose and his nonfiction work that his punk rock icons (everyone from Joe Strummer to Gerard Way) did before him. Logan is also the Head of Written Content for Theo & Harris, an online-based vintage watch retailer intent on changing the way young people engage with time.

Logan’s goal in each book is to take genres we think we know, be it medical fiction, crime fiction, or anything else, and turn the story into one driven purely by the development of the characters in them. Logan has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and is working towards a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology. He likes to think the social science perspective has influenced the way he writes people and the way those characters let their emotions drive their decision making within his novels.

He does use profanity. Not excessively so, by any means, but prefers his adult characters actually to speak to each other like adults. To Logan, if you don't believe this character could plausibly exist in your world, then you won't feel the fullest possible connection to them. Then, when Logan puts the character through something genuinely awful, it won't hit quite as hard making the story less impactful on a personal level for the reader. He can’t have that now, can he?

At the end of the day, Logan believes people don't really read for the escapism anymore. We're so connected to people and information now that we've moved into an era of reading for the purpose of connecting with something else, something different. His wish is that his work connects with you. If not, you can still get a drink with him sometime. Logan has a soft spot for Irish pubs and punk rock music.

When doing none of the above, he is most likely at the gym, a new habit, but one that is helping to ensure he is around to pester, provoke, and otherwise stir the pot for many, many years to come.

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