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Malcolm Omega 

Born in 1990, Malcolm Omega began writing stories at nine years old. As he reached his teenage years, he relied more on his imagination as he recovered from back surgeries. From sixth to seventh grade, Malcolm went from remedial English classes to AP English class, where his teacher gave him a copy of “The Hobbit.” Little did he know, that book would change his entire world. After “The Hobbit,” Malcolm was enthralled with all genres of fantasy and science fiction.

At 18, after three back surgeries, his novel the ExtraVerse was born. There were times where he could not physically be mobile, but it gave him the opportunity to think of the impossible worlds that were all connected through the power of his imagination. The characters and story for “Exception” finally reached fruition in 2013, during this challenging time in his life.

Now, at 28, Malcolm spends his free time roaming the ExtraVerse for new adventures, with his family and his loved ones, enjoying Doctor Who, video games, puzzles, and bass guitar.

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