Author Bio: SJ Morris

SJ Morris began reading as well as writing at a young age, and always wanted the arts to be a huge part of her path in life. At the age of 16, she was proud to have her work published for the first time in a book called, Poetic Voices of America, Summer of 1998. The poem was called Father I Beckon You, and the pen name used was Czill. This one poem published was her first introduction into what it felt like to have ones hard work in print for anyone to read, and it was absolutely thrilling. From there the love of writing only grew, but with life's challenges, it was no longer something she was able to dedicate herself to. After getting married, having two children and a full-time career, she began reading again, ferociously.

One day she was in an airport terminal awaiting a flight to Texas for work when she finished the book she was reading. She needed something to pass the time in the terminal and decided to take out her laptop and open a blank Word document. By the time she reached her hotel in Texas, she had thirty-three pages written in what is now Z-Strain - Book One.

It took her a total of three years to finish her first book, but once it was completed, she was thrilled with the story she had told and wanted to share it with others.

She published Z-Strain: Book One, then Z-Strain - Book Two - The Road to Perdition, then Richie's Ghost Squad: Book One - Ghost Cat, and then decided to found Forever Morris Publishing, LLC to share her love of writing, publishing, and the arts with others.

SJ Morris attended Mercer County Community College studying Criminal Justice; earned her Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) from the American Payroll Association in 2013 while working for a global payroll firm.

SJ Morris has an unparalleled love of the arts. She enjoys crafting pottery, painting, and most of all writing. With that love, she strives to share her work, and knowledge with others looking to also write, and publish their work for all to enjoy. 

SJ Morris currently resides in Bordentown, NJ with her husband, two children, two dogs, and an anti-social parakeet. 

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